Log Correlation

Here at Signal Networks, we provide you with the most effective IT security. We can provide a platform that combines 5 essential security capabilities to provide a unified defence against the threat of modern hackers using simple and invaluable resources to protect your enterprise.

Log Correlation

Many tools claim to protect you from the newest threat but often don’t provide the protection you need. Additionally, these tools can be time consuming to integrate and easily exceed your budget. By taking a different approach and by using real-world experience and client input, Signal Networks can provide a security tool that works seamlessly to protect your organisation.

The framework provides an abstraction layer allowing for the unified configuration and management of all built-in security controls – IDS, HIDS, network vulnerability scanning, network asset scanning, network flow monitoring, network traffic capture and host-based inventory agents – covering all 5 essential security capabilities:

  • Asset Discovery – provides an automated way to create an inventory of critical assets running in your environment
  • Vulnerability Assessment – provides an understanding of which assets are vulnerable to attacks
  • Threat Detection – provides a way to understand which systems are being targeted by hackers and what attacks those hackers are using.
  • Behavioral Monitoring – provides an understanding of how your systems operate to easily detect changes in behaviour that could be caused by malicious activities (internal or external actors)
  • Security Intelligence – provides a meaningful way to correlate all of this information and provide targeted alerts and reports on what your security experts need to do first

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