Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing provides you with a report detailing weaknesses found within your network, along with a solution to any problems found.

Penetration Testing

How do we do this?

Foot Printing 
Penetration testing begins with the foot printing of a business. This involves the gathering of information which is available publicly through web pages, DNS records, network blocks and IP addresses of the systems directly connected to the internet.

The scanning stage involves determining what systems are available from the internet and the services that are hosted. We will attempt to make a map of your network at this stage in the same way with which a hacker would use to formulate an attack.

Once known services have been located on your network, we then locate any weaknesses within these services and exploit them to gain further entry providing this does not cause any problems to your network. Often it is default software installation, un-patched systems and poorly configured devices which will expose systems to potential dangers.

You will receive a human readable report listing the internet hosts and services available to potential hackers. The report will contain the details of any insecurity found as well as necessary steps to fix them.

Pricing for penetration testing will be agreed with you in advance and is determined by the complexity of the network and the number of addresses that need to be audited.



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