Security Operations Centre

With our certified Ethical Hackers and IT Security Consultants, Signal Networks can offer a protected Security Operations Centre (SOC) where we can hold our clients sensitive data from harm and actively monitor and protect it.

In our Security Operations Centre, our IT Security team actively manage and support all of your sensitive data that has been collated through a variety of amenities. Some of these amenities include desktops and laptops, web sites, applications, security cameras, mobile devices, office phones, building technology, databases, data centres and servers, networks and other end points.

Security Operations Centre

Should a potential threat arise, our Security Operations Centre will detect the threat, contain it, analyse its level of severity and complete all suitable methods to eliminate it before it has any potential to cause harm. Our IT Security experts will then report the situation to you. Should a potential threat be deemed malicious with a business related impact, we will research further into its cause and advise suitable protection methods to prevent it happening again.

Our Security Operations Centre and IT Security Consultants offer secure methods to protect your data whilst compiling to any PCI DSS and Government obligatory guidelines. This is done 24/7 all year round through a variety of testing and monitoring exercises. Some of these include:


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