Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication is a verification process involving 2 steps of identification authentication.  The first stage of the authentication process is usually something you know, such as a PIN or password, and the second stage is something you have, such as a phone, USB or security fob, which can generate a one-time password.

Integrating two factor authentication can provide a higher level of protection when accessing corporate data via a VPN; it can mitigate risks of weak, static password authentication, which could lead to breaches, malware attacks and policy violations.

Two factor authentication can also be used when accessing websites, to reduce phishing, identity theft and fraud.

Two Factor Authentication

The benefits of integrating two-factor authentication are:

  • Increasing security and productivity via secure VPN connections
  • Compliance with regulatory standards
  • Reduce phishing and identity theft
  • Higher level of protection when accessing websites
  • Low costs associated with equipment, implementation and administration

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