Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Signal Networks will perform a security mapping of your network and simulate attacks originating from either the internal or the external network. Once the security mapping is complete, a detailed vulnerability report specifying the security breaches will be generated, along with several practical and easy-to-apply solutions to fix those vulnerabilities. The engine is updated on a regular basis for the most recent security vulnerabilities. The updates include security vulnerabilities that were discovered by the company’s research and development team, as well as those discovered elsewhere.

Customers implementing this service are going to be able to have, for the first time, a real-time view of their entire network security topography and will be able to clearly demonstrate compliance with emerging global IT security standards and integrity legislation.

Vulnerability Assessment

The frequency and severity of today’s security threats and vulnerabilities are forcing companies to intensify their focus on:

  • Strengthening of current network security processes and procedures to protect against virulent worm/virus attacks from both external and internal threats.
  • Deploying new security solutions that go beyond core-level technology to span your entire network.
  • Responsiveness to address the changing customer and partner requirements through organizational changes, access, permissions and constantly changing operational procedures.
  •  Need for “Security Compliance” that mandate IT upgrades and policy changes to keep abreast of legislative changes.
  • Perform routine vulnerability assessments of their network.



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