24 / 7 proactive server monitoring

24/7 Proactive Server Monitoring

How long would it take for you to realise your mail server had crashed and was no longer sending or recieving emails?

Proactive Monitoring

With a log monitoring station in place we permanently monitor your network, meaning we can spot problems immediately, often fixing them before they cause performance issues to your network and ultimately your business.  The system works by monitoring services running on your network which notifies us in the event of a failed service.

proactive server monitoring

Preventative Monitoring

It can also warn of future problems, how many times have you had server errors caused by low disk space or low memory? Monitoring can be set to trigger warnings when disk space or memory usage reaches 90% capacity.

Server monitoring includes:

  • Web server services
  • ECommerce
  • Email
  • SQL/Database
  • Print services
  • File services
  • Mobile communications
  • Windows Active Directory

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