Antivirus management

Antivirus management and maintenance

An antivirus policy involves the need to protect your computer systems and networks from viruses, trojans, worms, bots and malware. The number of threats to computer and network security is continually growing, with the latest statistics revealing many new virus definitions discovered every day. Laptops and email are probably the best known methods of infecting a network, but malware and viruses transferred through internet browsing are also an issue.

Security is not just a matter for the Information Systems Helpdesk, but it is the responsibility of all users to ensure that their equipment has the approved antivirus software installed and that it is kept up to date in order to mitigate the risk of a security breach.

This policy affects all personnel who have, or are responsible for, a user ID which allows access to any computer system or network owned or managed by a company.

Antivirus management and maintenance

Our antivirus policy ensures that:

  • There exists control against any malicious software usage.
  • The security policy does address software licensing issues such as prohibiting usage of unauthorised software.
  • Web pages are checked for malicious code.
  • There exists any Procedure to verify all warning bulletins are accurate and informative with regards to the malicious software usage
  •  Antivirus software is installed on the computers to check and isolate or remove any viruses from computer and media.
  • This software signature is updated on a regular basis to check any latest viruses.
  • All the traffic originating from un-trusted network in to the organisation is checked for viruses.
  • Example: Checking for viruses on email, email attachments and on the web, FTP traffic.



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