Instant Remote IT Support

Instant Remote IT Support

As long as you have an internet connection, Signal Networks can assist you with any of your computer and IT related issues. With your permission, our IT support technicians can securely connect with you through the internet to provide you with remote IT support.

How does Instant Remote IT Support work?

Once we have gain your permission, one of our support team will communicate with you via a small application file which will automatically download to the computer in question.

Once the problem has been resolved and the session has ended, the application will automatically remove itself from your computer.

If the problem is too serious and cannot be resolved through remote IT support, we will then send an engineer to visit you onsite.

Signal Networks instant remote IT Support

Remote IT support provides remote customers with:

  • Interactive Chat and detailed session history
  • Prompts to permit or deny technician access to all functions
  • File transfer to the technician
  • Ability to stop remote control or disconnect at any time

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