Mail Archiving

Companies are required by law to retain intellectual information created by or for the company including emails. In other occasions, a company may have to govern and track particular communications due to a specific incident occurring. To do this, a company needs to be able to access any past emails created in relation to these incidents.

Most companies generate a substantial amount of priceless material from emails that are sent either inbound, outbound or through internal links.  Unfortunately, most employees and companies don’t have the facilities in place to store every single one of these emails and in turn, they often get deleted.

mail archiving

Should an incident occur where you need to pull out specific emails, our mail archiving solution allows you to present a tamperproof record of what was communicated, along with the knowledge of when it was created and whom by. This allows your organisation to securely store all of your emails in a simple yet cost effective manner in accordance with client-specific retention policies. Emails can be archived by client designed policies with the ability to create flag features for future use.

Any emails that are archived will be securely deposited in an encrypted format and saved in multiple geographical locations for enhanced protection.

This mail archiving solution is available to our clients as a standalone feature or can be incorporated into their contract. To discuss this further, please contact us.


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