Spam Filtering

Spam Filtering

Spam emails can be a problem for any business. When users are inundated with spam it can seriously affect the performance of the network, as even though the majority of these emails are not legitimate they still need to be processed by a server and this creates a bottle neck effect when hundreds, maybe thousands, of emails are trying to squeeze their way through your system.

Our offsite spam management system prevents this bottle neck effect from happening as we process the spam, along with any viruses that come with it, and pass it through multiple antivirus systems which results in many benefits for your business, such as band width savings, for example.

Signal Networks’ managed antispam systems ensure the most comprehensive response to threats via email. Our antispam system allows you to offload the burden of spam to our high speed data centre, offering protection from Viruses, Spam, Malware, Phishing and any unwanted content. The solution uses the best available technologies to provide an easily installed, easily managed and highly secure solution for your email.

Spam Filtering

This level of spam filtering is included within every support contract.

• Effective Spam Filter – 99% spam blocked
• Includes two AntiVirus Solutions – Kaspersky and ClamAV
• End User Spam Quarantine and digest
• Email content controls
• Disclaimers on email
• In and outward bound email scanning
• Unlimited domains supported
• Full automated reporting suite

Once emails have passed through the Anti-spam system, a notification is sent identifying emails caught in quarantine. The users will then be given the option to either:

Delete  –  the quarantined email(s) if they are certain it is spam

Deliver  –  the email(s) if they are unsure

Whitelist  –  the email(s) if they are certain it is legitimate


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