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iTime Patent Approved

A patent request filed by Apple for an iTime watch back in 2011 was granted last week, meaning that the rumoured Apple smart watch could eventually be on its way to the consumer market.

The patented design, titled ‘iTime’ was originally rumoured with the name iWatch but the recent approval suggests the Apple smart watch would be known as ‘iTime’. The news does not come as a surprise as rumours suggesting a watch by Apple have been flying for a few years, competitors such as Samsung and other vendors like Pebble have already released and sold many units of their own smart watches. A Mac compatible device was and is still imminent.

The iTime patent documentation shows a variety of designs, all of which would be compatible with not only the iPhone but also iPad, MacBook and iMac desktops too. The design variations suggest that a removable face resembling the 6th generation iPod nano could be a feature, the alternative design shows a much thinner fixed face.  The device would be expected to sync with the fore mentioned devices to allow the wearer to read text messages and emails, reject calls and receive notifications from various applications through its wrist worn interface. Apples annual September launch event is expected to see the reveal of iOS 8, the iPhone 6 as well as a hint as to the future Apple wrist wear technology.

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