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Oracle Announces Java 8 Upgrade

Oracle has announced that it will be releasing Java 8 which will be the largest upgrade for the company since 1996.

Previous versions of Java have operated on a “write once, run anywhere” mantra; however many users have reported there being been significant difference to this policy between mobile devices and other platforms. The Java 8 upgrade is expected to fix this issue and unify Java ME with Java Standard Edition (Java SE).

Oracle have released the first instalment of Java 8 with Oracle JDK 8 (Java Development Kit 8), JRE 8 (Java Runtime Environment 8 – the software you need to run Java applications on Windows, OS X, Solaris or Linux computers), Server JRE 8, and Java SE Embedded 8 (for mid to high end embedded systems, including the Raspberry Pi) making it currently available to download.

The full release of Java 8 will feature many performance improvements and will be available shortly. Oracle officials have stated “Oracle JDK 8 has already achieved World record performance for 4 socket systems on NEC Intel-based servers and for 2 socket systems on Oracle SPARC T5 servers”.

With increasing threats and vulnerability’s targeting users who don’t perform regular updates, many businesses are experiencing downtime and unexpected expenses to their IT equipment. By upgrading the latest software, not only do you have access to the latest features and benefits the program offers, but you close any potential access points hackers might use to gain access to your data.


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