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Justice against SMS spammers

First it was junk mail, then it was telesales, then along came email spam and now the latest frustration to pester our inboxes, SMS spam. Whatever mode of communication we use, the spammers seem to be on our tails.

The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) is cracking down on the people behind these text spam campaigns by investigating and issuing fines to the perpetrators. Yesterday two men behind a spam SMS business that sent as many as 800,000 text messages a day were fined a total of £440,000 for their joint offence breaching the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003.

The pair used around 70 SIM cards a day in order to beat the daily limits set by the networks. The volume of SMS messages sent could bring in revenue in excess of £6500 a day. Many clients were claims companies seeking out victims.

ICOs advice is to ignore and delete spam messages. The worst thing to do is to reply to a spam text, if the number is recognised as active it can become incredibly valuable, some numbers are sold for up to £5 a time.

The Information Commissioners Office is investigating a further three companies similar to the one charged yesterday.


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