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Keep Your Inbox Safe

Phishing emails are on the up, keep your inbox protected by following these rules…

Shortened URLS
Services like TinyURL and are great for Twitter, but why would an email, unlimited by characters use shortened URLs? It’s likely that the sender could be trying to cover the location up and that link could lead to a malicious page.
Stay safe by using a service like that will show you the location of your shortened link before you visit the site, so you can judge if it’s genuine or not before its too late.

Don’t automatically load images
Images are stored on spammers and hackers servers. Your computer automatically downloading images makes a connection to the senders server, giving them the green light go ahead that you are a real person with an active email address – the perfect phishing target.

Don’t publish your email address
Spammers will scan the internet for email addresses to send spam and malicious emails to. Keep off their radar by not publishing your email online.

Don’t sign up for spam
Keep your eyes open for the ‘I don’t want receive information’ boxes on online sign ups. Often less reputable companies will have the ‘I would like to receive ….’ box ticked as default. Minimise the number of unwanted emails and risk of attack in one!

Delete any sensitive items from ALL folder – including sent items
Sending sensitive information via email is risky business, but if you do, then ensure you remove all traces of this information from your mailbox. Your sent items can store years’ worth of your sensitive information that you’ve totally forgotten about.


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