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Kill Switch for Android and Windows Phones

Android and Windows have announced that they will be adding a ‘Kill Switch’ feature to the next version of their phone operating systems. When activated, the kill switch will make the phone completely useless as a deterrent to theft.

Many authorities have been requesting that technology companies come up with ways to limit phone theft with Samsung and Apple also offering a similar kill switch feature to their devices.

Some experts have expressed concern at how effect this kill switch feature will be. They have argued that if the phone is put into aeroplane mode, it may not receive the kill switch signal and the command won’t take effect. Some believe that the only ‘true’ way to deactivate a phone is to physically damage it.

Phone theft is a rising issue for many companies with numerous statics indicating that the act is almost doubling year on year. Authorities claim that Apple’s ‘Activation Lock’ feature has reportedly reduced phone theft substantially since it was introduced on all iPhones running the iOS 7 operating system in September last year.

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