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LaCie Warns of Possible Credit Card Data Breach

French computer storage company LaCie have announced there may have been a recent security breach to their website revealing their website users credit card details.

The hard disk manufacturer was alerted by the FBI that a hacker attempted to use malware to copy details entered onto its online store. The malware is anticipated to have affected LaCie website users from March 2013 to March 2014.

Many experts have expressed concern at how long the problem went without being noticed. Ron Austin, a senior lecturer in computer security at Birmingham City University has said “LaCie is a fairly big company and you would question their information security policies. No expert can guarantee 100% security, but it goes back to compliance and ensuring that if you’re offering services out on to the web that you are carrying out regular checks”

If the credit card data breach is correct, the outcome could be detrimental to the Seagate owned company who produce security products. Seagate (a U.S. tech company) brought LaCie in 2012 but LaCie continues to sell products under the LaCie name.

LaCie has instructed its users to check their bills for fraudulent charges and (when the online store is re-opened), to change their login details.

With the amount of hackers and security breaches on going, there is a real need for companies to try to operate a mandatory ‘security compliance’ procedure. Businesses need to actively manage their IT security process above and beyond simply owning an antivirus product.


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