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Microsoft update, released just yesterday, contained a total of 6 patches to correct 19 vulnerabilities across Office, Internet Explorer and all versions of Windows from XP onwards.

One of the four patches, MS12-071 was labelled ‘critical’. It addressed 3 previously unknown vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer 9 where users can be unknowingly infected by visiting a malicious website.

The other patch, MS12-075, addressed three TrueType font file flaws. These types of font exploits can be embedded in browsers or word documents. Once Windows kernel mode driver has rendered the font, they end as a kernel mode exploit. These vulnerabilities have in the past been used to spread sophisticated malware such as Trojan Dugu.

The other patches covered issues regarding code vulnerabilities in Windows Breifcase and also five separate bugs found in .NET Framework. The lowest rated ‘moderate’ fix addressed a single vulnerability in Internet Information Systems. This flaw could allow information disclosure through FTP commands to the server. Another patch was released to address a flaw in Excel.

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