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Would you let Google drive your car?

Android has teamed up with car manufacturers Honda, Audi and Hyundai to develop an innovative Google operating system for the car dashboard.

One of the few areas which is yet to be dominated by the Android or Apple markets, with tablets, smartphones and gadgets being used in all aspects of modern life, an on board driving optimised system is yet to be developed by any of the major leaders in mobile technology.

The Android system could be used for maps and traffic alerts. Along with road updates and issues the system could also boast features such as remote unlocking/locking when connected to a linked Android device or an app for turning heating or air conditioning on prior to the beginning of a journey. The technology could also connect cars to music streaming services such as Spotify.

Google has also started looking into a self drive system, allowing users to take a step away from the steering wheel and let technology do the hard work. Would you let Google to drive your car?


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