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Could Hiring Tux be a Smart Move for Your Business ?

Could hiring Tux, the penguin that is the Linux mascot, be a smart move for your business?  Linux was once considered to be a hobbyist’s operating system, but it has come a long way and now offers a compelling alternative to other operating systems.

Running a Linux distribution at home or in the office could bring costs savings and increased efficiency.  Linux is available free with community support, or thought subscriptions that offer full technical support.  There is no need to buy upgraded hardware to keep up with costly new software releases as with other operating systems and you can move into the Linux desktop in stages, as most hardware can function with both platforms.

Individuals unsure of migrating to the Linux environment may be surprised to find they are more familiar with it than they think, as the Chrome OS and low-cost laptop computers are powered with the Linux-based Chrome Browser OS.  People are also becoming more aware of open source with the popularity of Google Docs and through the use of cloud applications.

For those using a Chromebook or a cloud-based delivery system the migration to Linux is an easy walk in the park and using an OS that resembles what a user uses on a another device makes for a smoother transition.

If you are considering Linux for your business, speak to one of our technicians today – we have extensive experience with the setup of Linux and hosting various different platforms.


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