Have you considered open source software as an alternative to Microsoft?

We have carried out many Linux installations on a number of operating systems and a variety of different hardware.

Job Summaries:

• Installation of a pair of Redhat servers primarily serving DNS requests across the Internet.
• Linux with SMTP monitoring software to monitor a number of complex network configurations.
• Plan and configuration of Bugzilla project on Suse Linux 9.2 with secure access for remote users world-wide.
• Many installations of Linux mail relay servers.
• Installation of Samba server on Suse Linux functioning as a domain controller to ten windows users.
• Installation and configuration of both IPCop and Smoothwall firewalls.
• Linux installed as desktop operating system for a number of users.

Linux has come a very long way in ten years and is consider a serious competitor and a genuine alternative to Windows.There are a variety of benefits, however the greatest advantage Linux software offers over Windows is with its licensing. Most Linux software is offered free of charge unlike Windows who often charge for their software. This results in an overall decrease of licencing costs compared to using Windows licensing.

Linux Terminal Services can also offer a new lease of life to old PCs. With the processing all carried out on a server you can run a number of remote sessions on old PCs. You will find the performance is far better than the PC was before being upgraded.



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