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LizardSquad disrupt Facebook, Instagram and Tinder causing Social Media Outage

It has been highly rumoured that LizardSquad have caused a disruption to Facebook, Instagram, Tinder AIM and Hipchat causing a short term social media outage. LizardSquad are a hacker group who target specific organisations and websites ‘because they can’ and to show weaknesses in the attacked networks.

The group have recently been showcasing their ‘talents’ and have claimed responsibility for hacks to Malaysia Airlines, the Sony PlayStaion Network, and Microsoft Xbox Live Network and EA Games with rumours they were also responsible for the attack on North Korea.

Their usual hacking methods include DDoS (denial-of-service) attacks where they use numbers and brute force to disable networks and websites and to cause social media outage. A DDoS attack occurs when ‘thousands of computers continually bombard the same server, or group of servers, to deliberately overtax it’ causing the server to crash.

The most recent social media outage occurred Monday night (26/1/2015) with Outage Analyzer first noting Facebook’s outage happening at 10.24pm. The LizardSquad group seemed to taunt Twitter saying it would have been taken down too “If only we didn’t use twitter to communicate…”

LizardSquad disrupt Facebook, Instagram and Tinder causing Social Media Outage

Unfortunately for businesses, DDoS attacks can be used by other hacker groups to target and disrupt services to companies and organisations of any size and location. At Signal Networks, we can help with your IT Security needs and from our security operations centre (SOC), we can help test and protect your perimeter network from online dangers, misconfiguration and known exploits including DDoS attacks. To discuss your IT Security needs further, please contact us to speak to one of our IT Security experts.


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