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Mac Webcams Exploited as Spying Tool

Researchers have discovered that a rare vulnerability found in Macbooks and iMac desktops can be exploited in order to use the inbuilt webcam as a spying tool without alerting the user.

The exploit allows the LED webcam indicator light to be disabled. The application named ISeeYou was created by the researchers and allowed them to remotely disable the iSight webcam LED in some older Mac models (pre 2008). Once the LED indicator light is disabled, a hacker could access the web cam application, viewing what the webcam sees but without any indication to the user. This tricky to exploit, but existing vulnerability could lead to serious cases of spying and extortion in the wrong hands.

Apple hasn’t commented on the exploit yet despite being notified by the researchers. The good news is that the vulnerability is only found in Macbooks and iMacs released prior to 2008.


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