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Mainstream Support to Windows 7 has Ended

It’s been almost a month but the mainstream support to Windows 7 has finished with the end of ‘expected support’ scheduled to end January 14th 2020. From October 31st 2013, PC’s were no longer sold with Windows 7 installed; instead users would have been given Windows 8.

Microsoft describes all of its operating systems as having a ‘life support’ which ‘begins when a product is released and ends when it’s no longer supported.’ The term ‘end of support’ refers to the date when Microsoft no longer provides automatic fixes, updates, or online technical assistance to its products and services. In this case, it means that Windows 7 users will no longer receive any mainstream support.

Hackers use these dates to their advantage and know that some organisations won’t have switched over to a new operating system before it’s reached its end of life. They know that as mainstream support to Windows 7 has ended, it’s a waiting game before new vulnerabilities are discovered without patches being released to cover them. It’s through these vulnerabilities that Hackers can gain access into organisations and their data.



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