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Malicious Apple Charger


A talk scheduled for the Black Hat USA Security Conference in July is expected to reveal information on a new angle of attack targeting Apple devices.

Researchers have discovered that a malicious charger could be used to compromise devices running the iOS operating system. A circuit board can be disguised within a docking station or battery and used to access portable Apple devices with ease. Researches claim that an iPhone or iPad could be seriously compromised in less than a minute of being connected to an infected charger.

The power port of Apple devices has been previously highlighted as a weak spot in Apple’s otherwise highly rated security. Manipulation of the operating system has allowed researchers and hackers the ability to install unauthorised apps onto apple devices via this port before. Now researchers have managed to install arbitrary software into the latest iOS devices via a compromised power input.

Details of the research will be presented at the Black Hat USA Security Conference being hosted in Las Vegas at the end of July.


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