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A New Breed of ‘Personal’ Malicious Spam Emails

Many businesses and organisations receive a variety of emails every day, some of them legitimate emails and some of them harmless spam; however a new breed of emails has been developed taking a personal approach to targeting organisations with malicious spam.

Recently, a company tried to target Signal Networks with one of these personal malicious spam emails. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t succeed as our team are aware of potential dangers and security issues surrounding unknown emails.

This new breed of spammers have evolved from chance emails and are taking a more ‘personal’ approach to getting companies to click unsuspecting emails. These emails usual involve getting you to follow what may seem like harmless links, but in fact would redirect you to inconspicuous websites causing you to download malware.

beware of email scams

The potential spammer in question obtained our phone number through our website and called into our Head Office in Bristol. He then gave the opinion that he was calling from an ‘IT Security Exhibition’ and wanted to invite us to attend free of charge. At this stage our IT Engineers were already suspicious of this unsuspecting phone call, however the spammer took the matter one step further and attempted to obtain a personal email to send some information that would help ‘illustrate the event and its potential’ for our business. At this stage, our IT Engineer was wary and explained that we wouldn’t be interested and so proceeded to end the phone call.

As soon as the phone call had ended, the IT Engineer who took the call sent out a group warning to the team cautioning them of the phone call and what the potential spammer’s motives were. This allowed us to keep an eye out for any new emails and be aware should he try to call again.

Within the next hour, our Firewall flagged an unknown email that had come through to one of our generic email accounts. This email was from an unknown individual and the content followed the pattern similar to the phone call the team had been made aware of. Our Firewall had successfully flagged the email for malicious spam and sent out a warning to our IT Security consultants allowing them to be on alert.

Shortly following this email, we received another call from the would-be spammer ‘chasing up the email’ he had just sent. He then proceeded to try and get a new IT Engineer to open the email and click on specific links to ‘help highlight his motives for the phone call’. We explained that unfortunately for him, the email had been deleted and he was told we would never open nor click unknown links as we are well aware of the potential dangers unknown emails and links hold to businesses. He was informed that we believed he could be a potential spammer and that the company had been cautioned of his motives. At this point, he ended the phone call and we never heard from him again.

This experience is one of many that businesses Worldwide have started experiencing. It highlights why a reliable firewall solution can be crucial for organisations, and why there is a need to inform employees of the dangers surrounding malicious spam emails and unknown phone calls.



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