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Malware Posing as Antivirus Update

The creative and sly ways that hackers are using as attempts to access our secure systems are growing in sophistication day on day.

Gone are the days when a dodgy email gets through your spam filter screaming “I’m a virus.” Hackers are clued into what we open and what we don’t and how to make their attacks look seemingly innocent to even an experienced eye.

A recent attack has so far targeted 50,000 UK and US email addresses. The malicious email appears to come from a selection of popular and trusted antivirus providers. The malware is found within an attachment that claims to be an antivirus update. Not only are these attachments highly dangerous to your systems and files but they’re attacking from an unexpected angle, fooling many users into downloading the ‘update’. The alias the malware is taking is putting many users off the scent and luring them into a false sense of security.

Once opened, the scam email downloads a zip file that then allows a connection to be made to a remote location that then installs malware which allows remote, unauthorised parties to perform tasks on that device.

41% of the emails being sent are targeting UK email addresses stating that an urgent patch needs to be installed, so beware of emails from supposed antivirus providers and don’t download any file attachments without confirmation that they are genuine.


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