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A Smarter Way to Manage Your Backup

How easy is it for you to extract information from your backup tapes? In most circumstances, finding specific data from backup can be complex and time consuming, requiring you to extract more information than required and resulting in high costs.

In response to current legal, compliance and regulation requirements, using our hosted platform we can make the culling process time and costs effective. By indexing and cataloguing your backup you are able to directly access and cull data prior to extraction so only relevant search response data is forensically copied off the source backup tapes.

The hosted platform automates the process of retrieving data from backup tapes without the need to recreate the original backup software environment and eliminates the need for the original backup format. Data (in all common forms) can be easily catalogued, indexed, searched and extracted to disc/archive and/or the review tool.

In addition the user interface allows policies to be created and data managed accordingly. Users can scan all data sources, to include online networks, email servers and offline backup content and provide a profile of the content. The hosted platform provides comprehensive summary reports of storage capacity, to include last accessed time, owner, location etc. allowing you to optimise your storage capacity, discarding unnecessary data.

In summary the benefits of such technology include:

  • Simple extraction of files and data without the need for original backup tape software
  • Process large amounts of data quickly
  • Reduce cost and complexity
  • Manage long-term risk of backup tape according to policy
  • Reduce offsite storage expense
  • Extract specific data based on metadata criteria searches


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