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Maximise your iPhone Productivity

Many people use their iPhone to work whilst on the move and out from the office, however there are some simple steps we can all do to maximise your iPhone productivity…

Use Bookmarks
Set your most frequently visited sites as bookmarks in Safari, when you open a new tab you can select one of your favourites from the grid to save you time searching or typing the lengthy URLs.

Have an admin day
Do some filing! The folder options in iOS are a great way or staying organised and enabling easy access to multiple apps. Rather than scrolling through pages to find the right app you can find all your apps on one single page, saving you time.

Optimise Spotlight
The spotlight search function on your iPhone is great, but can be slow. Speed it up by limiting what parts of the phone your Spotlight search scans.  You can change the settings within the main settings options and selecting General and then Spotlight. By un-ticking all the apps you don’t use Spotlight to access your searches will be much faster and efficient.

Sort your spelling
If you’re making the same typos repetitively then add them to your iPhones auto correct function which can be found in general keyboard settings. Add your misspelt words as a shortcut and make their phrase the correct spelling. Next time you make that mistake, your phone will auto correct to the right spelling.

Use a keyboard
Installing a keyboard app such as 1keyboard allows you to type directly onto your iOS device via your Macbook or iMac.

Although we’ve only listed five ways to help maximise your iPhone productivity, there are a variety of other methods available.



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