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Microsoft Aims to Stop ZeroAccess Botnet

Microsoft has been authorised by regulators in the US to block ingoing and outgoing communications from the IP addresses hosting the ZeroAccess botnet.

The botnet, known as Sirefef as well as ZeroAccess is one of the world’s biggest botnet networks, infecting approximately 2 million computers worldwide with a virus that intercepts Yahoo, Bing and Google searches to direct users to infected sites. The botnet charges online advertisers and is predicted to be making £1.7 million per month in fraudulent charges.

Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit now have the authority to block activity to and from the 18 IP addresses associated with the hack and has also taken control of 49 domains linked to ZeroAccess.

ZeroAccess is one of the world’s most resilient botnets, with new access and rights Microsoft aim to restrict and bring an end to this wide spread attack that is affecting millions of computers worldwide.


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