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Microsoft Announces Surface 2 Tablet


Microsoft is due to upgrade it’s Surface tablet range following a year of poor sales.

Despite being at the forefront of the desktop and laptop markets for as long as we can remember, the Windows tablet hasn’t taken off compared to equivalents from competitors Apple, Samsung and Google. The Surface tablet accounts for just 7% of global tablet sales, with iPads and Android tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus splitting the remaining 93% almost in half.

Microsoft has decided to make some major improvements to their own tablet in a bid to boost sales and take a stronger stand in the tablet market. Improvements in processors, screen resolution and cameras as well as further accessories to including a docking station and backlit keyboard have all been introduced to make the Surface more appealing to both home and business consumers.

The Surface 2 will boast a high resolution 1080p display and 5 megapixel camera as well as an Intel i5 processor for improved performance and a 60% improvement on battery life. The Windows Surface 2 will also will also offer more memory and RAM, with specs as high as a 512Gb hard drive and up to 8Gb of RAM for much improved performance when running multiple applications at once.

The Windows Surface 2 will be available from October 22nd.


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