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Microsoft Alters Its Email Privacy Policies

Microsoft has made some changes to its email privacy policies declaring it vows not to read users private emails without their consent. Microsoft has said it will turn to law enforcement before it proceeds to read users emails in the future.

The changes to Microsoft email privacy policies are effective immediately with the company announcing though its blog that “in the coming months we will incorporate this change in our customer terms of service, so that it’s clear to consumers and binding on Microsoft.”

The blog post indicated that Microsoft was changing the email privacy policies to reflect a “post-Snowden era in which people rightly focus on the ways others use their personal information. As a company we’ve participated actively in the public discussions about the proper balance between the privacy rights of citizens and the powers of government. We’ve advocated that governments should rely on formal legal processes and the rule of law for surveillance activities.”

The announcements arrival is timed with the news that a group of students in California are suing Google for monitoring their emails through Apps for Education. Both Gmail and Microsoft Outlook have recently fallen prey to being exposed for monitoring its users email accounts, however Microsoft is the first of the two companies, to alter its email privacy policies.


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