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Microsoft stops offering support for Windows XP users

In two weeks’ time on April 8th 2014, Microsoft will cease supporting Windows XP, which means its users are vulnerable to security risks.

After 12 years running, Microsoft has announced they will cease supporting Windows XP and move their resources into future platforms. Windows XP launched in October 2001 and has proven to be surprisingly popular among users. Net Applications reported in January 2013, that Windows XP was the second most popular operating system among desktop PC users.

Whilst PC’s with Windows XP on them won’t stop working, the PC’s in question will be susceptible to any new security threats and vulnerabilities. This is because Microsoft won’t be releasing new patches or upgrades. Microsoft will also be pulling their free and paid assisted support options too and Apps and devices won’t work on Windows XP.

The next viable option for those using Windows XP is the Windows 7 platform and the controversial redesigned Windows 8.1. However research has found that those still using Windows XP are doing so on old redundant PC’s that may not be able to cope with an upgrade. This means there could be a surge in sales of Windows PC’s. Currently, Windows 8.1 requires a minimum of 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit) of free storage.

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