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Microsofts £161m European Datacentre

Microsoft has revealed plans for a £161 million European datacentre to serve European customers.

The datacentre will be based in Finland, the home of Nokia which was yesterday acquired by Microsoft in a £4.6 billion deal. The European datacentre will join Microsoft’s family of European datacentres that are based in Ireland and Holland.

Infrastructure and environmental strategies are yet to be proposed but there are clues towards how the new European datacentre will be set up and managed from the existing projects. Microsoft’s Dublin based datacentre boasts highly efficient air side cooling systems that recycle 99% of IT waste. An expansion at the Iowa datacentre will see millions of dollars saved through meeting a US regulation set by the Economic Development Board. These examples along with the Microsoft Carbon Reduction Strategy suggests a highly efficient system will be put in place.

The European datacentre will aid Microsoft in handling the growing demand for cloud services.


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