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Mobile Malware Attacking Sensory Components

A new generation of mobile malware has been discovered that is spread through the sensory components on mobile devices.

These types of mobile malware can spread rapidly through optics, microphones and magnets gaining direct access to multiple devices. Because they are not transferred over a wireless or cellular network they can be difficult to detect and track.

The different types of communication sensors could potentially enable the ability to create local botnets, where there are large numbers of devices in any one space, at events, in shopping centres or in heavily populated office blocks for example. DDoS attacks could be launched via these vectors. The malware also has the ability to infect wireless networks from inside the device. The varied and heavy use of smartphones and tablets could see detrimental consequences for networks that could be attacked undefended from this angle.

These new malwares discovered by a US university have the capabilities to compromise not only an individual device but an entire network too.



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