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Technology Companies Protest Against Net Neutrality with ‘Go-Slow’ Protest

Some of the World’s largest technology companies took part in a go-slow protest yesterday aimed at showing how the internet would look if regulators caved in to big cable companies on net neutrality.

On Wednesday 10/9/14, a large amount of the internet went into a go-slow protest over proposals that could create fast web lanes for some companies by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) if it was to overturn “net neutrality” rules.

Some of the companies that took part in the go-slow protest included “Netflix, Etsy, FourSquare, KickStarter, Mozilla, Reddit, PornHub and Vimeo”. These websites pretested by installing a widget on their sites to show how they believe the internet would look if the (FCC) succeeded. Other supporting companies included Google, Twitter and Tumblr.

Google’s policy manager Derek Slater commented that “the internet was designed to empower people. To get online, you need to use an internet access provider. But once you’re online, you decide what to do and where to go. Anyone, anywhere can share their opinions freely — and any entrepreneur, big or small, can build, launch and innovate without having to get permission first,”

The go-slow campaign is being directed by Battle For The Net who are urging users to help “drive as many emails and calls to Congress, the White House, and the FCC as possible”.


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