Network Design to Increase Redundancy


The client owned a single office building with multiple floors. They have experienced accelerated recent growth both in terms of headcount and the volume and scope of the projects they had undertaken. They anticipate growth on the same level in the near future. As such, they were also in the process of acquiring additional office space within a nearby building to migrate their development resource to and required a suitable network design and implementation to increase redundancy.

Signal Networks was approached to design a scalable solution spanning both office locations which was able to cope with the growing needs of the business whilst also providing a resilient and secure core network infrastructure.

Network Design to Increase Redundancy

Our Solution

Signal Networks carried out an initial on-site audit as well as discussing the core requirements of the business. A number of areas of focus were identified within this process including:

  • reviewing the existing network cabling throughout the main office building
  • extending the fibre between the office buildings and installation of cabling in new office
  • ensuring sufficient WiFi coverage across both offices
  • positioning of core infrastructure across top floor and basement within main office as well as new office
  • provision of all infrastructure including firewalls, switches and servers
  • providing options surrounding network redundancy
  • ensuring secure external access to the network
  • creation and configuration of full virtual environment with migration of existing assets to new virtual machines

Having fully analysed the requirements, Signal Networks proposed 3 suitable solutions providing differing levels of network performance and redundancy. The client confirmed all the solutions were both suitable and met all their requirements and selected the top option providing the higher level of performance and redundancy.

Case study network design

The Result

The solution implemented by Signal Networks incorporated multiple Next Generation Firewalls and High Performance 24 Port Switches configured in High Availability across a 20Gb core network with redundancy. The infrastructure was protected by multiple UPS (Uninterruptible Power Sources) devices for additional resilience.

Multiple superior WiFi Access Points were installed to ensure a consistent and resilient wireless network with seamless continuity of connection as the user moves around the office.

A virtual environment comprising of multiple virtual machines was installed on 2 physical servers running in High Availability connected to a SAN and configured to provide multiple Domain Controllers, an Exchange server, a File server and a Management server. A suitable storage solution was installed in the secondary building to provide offsite backup facility.

2-factor authentication was implemented to provide secure external access to the network.

Signal Networks managed the specification, procurement, installation, configuration and migration to the full network/infrastructure including the core network cabling and trunking to the second building.


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