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New Cyber Security Standard In Progress

Cyber Security breaches can affect anyone and everyone, from homes to businesses, 1 to 1 million users, and from anywhere in the world. This is why the UK government are looking to implement a new Cyber Security Management standard endorsed by official bodies and written based on feedback and evidence provided by the people who will be using it, the general public.

The UK government national cyber strategy was published back in November 2011 to encourage businesses and organisations to manage and secure their networks and information, as well as aiming to achieve government and industry standards and compliance. This strategy has helped to paint a picture of what a ‘good cyber security strategy’ is and to give guidance on which standards should be aimed at. The new standard will be based on evidence of existing attacks and compromises and feedback.

No matter what the size of the organisation, the same level of care should be taken when implementing security surrounding IT infrastructure, and this is what the new standard will highlight.

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