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New Intel Chip Revealed

The Computex Tech Show hosted in Taiwan has seen a number of new technologies revealed at the annual event, including the latest Intel chip which boasts significant improvements in battery life and performance.

The chip has been reported to increase performance by 15% and triple standby battery life as well as a 50% improvement in battery life when in use. The chip also contains an integrated GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) which can double the graphics performance compared to earlier chips. This internal GPU means many users will not require a separate graphics card.

The release of new processors has always in line seen a surge in computer and laptop sales. Experts however have expressed concerns that with the dramatic increase in tablet and smartphone use it is questionable whether this release will see the usual surge in sales. A huge advancement with the new Intel chip is its low power usage, meaning it could be applied to lightweight tablets that have always leant towards an ARM processor. Unlike prior Intel chips, this new technology does not require fans to cool it, allowing it to be used in more compact, lightweight devices.

Intel has also rumoured a range of low cost chips suitable for the android tablet market.


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