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New Raspberry Pi Software

New software has been released to make the Raspberry Pi mini computer easier to use.

Since its release in February 2012 there has been significant evidence that the micro computers original intention to get young people interested in programming hasn’t been fully successful. Despite selling over 1 million units worldwide, it’s believed that the majority of these are in the hands of tech hungry adults and professional programmers as opposed to intrigued children.

There are a number of children who have managed to get their grips on programming thanks to the Raspberry Pi, however this is mostly with the encouragement of either a techie parent or IT enthusiast teacher.

The new software, named Noobs (New out of the Box Software) is supplied as a compressed zip file easily downloaded to a memory card. It offers users the ability to download various operating systems, including, RaspBMC, Pidora, ArchLinux and OpenELEC. The reason for offering this new software is to make the Raspberry Pi more novice user friendly and thus appeal to a younger audience.

Another feature the software will be able to offer is a ‘remote reset’ button. This will make the Raspberry Pi more adaptable for use in schools, allowing the device to be reset to a specified state before the start of the following class.


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