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NSA-Proof Messaging App Wickr Gets Funding

Wickr, a free messaging application that promises to help its users send surveillance-proof encrypted messages has secured £17 Million in funding.

The app that proclaims ‘the internet is forever, escape the internet with Wickr’ was founded in 2012 and developed by Nico Sell, the organiser behind the world’s largest hacker get together, Defcon. The company’s motto is ‘Leave No Trace’ which Sell is actively promoting to the public after she openly refused a request from the FBI to install a ‘backdoor’ into the app. In an interview, Sell commented “I’m not afraid. I know what I’m doing. I’ve talked to legal staff. I know the FBI well and know the law well.”

Wickr promises ‘military-grade encryption’ as it doesn’t remember any keys, completely erases all unwanted files and needs no personal information from the user. The app is already in demand with over 1 million messages already being sent every day through its platform.

Unlike the photo-sharing app Snapchat who recently announced they ‘deceived’ users about their photos privacy, Wickr believes in ‘power to the people’ offering ‘proper online communications and self-destructing data, making the Internet ecosystem stronger overall.’

The Wickr team is a consortium of “security and privacy experts dedicated to building a strong social system around the world” with its headquarters in San Fancisco.


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