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National Trust for Scotland Installs Brocade Solution

The National Trust for Scotland has publicly revealed they have decided to move away from Cisco switches and instead install a Brocade solution.

The National Trust for Scotland (NTS) was created in 1931 and “oversees 190,000 acres of countryside and 130 IT sites around Scotland, employing 540 full-time and 750 seasonal staff, as well as 3,000 volunteers”. With this in mind, the IT department needed a reliable, cost effective and future-proofed solution and so turned to a Brocade solution as their answer.

The NTS decided to take a dramatic step and create a new network from scratch rather than fixing smaller individual problems one by one. If left alone, these problems would have created a giant issue. By selecting a Brocade solution, the NTS chose to implement “a network infrastructure to ‘reduce complexity’ and boost resilience”. The NTS head of IT commented that “as user demand for connectivity and bandwidth continues to grow, we simply would not have been able to cope. We needed to invest in an infrastructure that would allow staff to access the online resources they need, quickly and reliably.”

After researching suitable network solutions, they chose to use the rapidly growing company Brocade who have already created a proven track record of being resilient and reliable, future proof and cost comparative compared the other leading rivals.

The NTS believes that as Brocade solutions are “investing in research and development, and driving things forward” they view “Brocade on the same tier level as HP and Cisco” but with “Cisco built more around acquisition”.

By deploying a Brocade solution (VDX®6730 inspired) network, the NTS‘s network has already seen an increase in scalability and a simplified network which they describe as “hugely successful”. They went on to conclude that “our core infrastructure is now far more reliable and resilient, which has significantly improved the experience for our users and helped the IT team to spend time on other projects, rather than focusing on just keeping the network up and running.”

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