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Obama Breaks Twitter Record

Election has been the word on everybody’s lips the last few weeks, from American Presidential through to Bristol Mayoral.

In the space of just 24 hours America decided on the next four years of its presidency. In the early hours of this morning it was announced that Democrat Barack Obama would serve another 4 years in office.

At 04:16 the man himself tweeted via the official @BarackObama twitter account, ‘Four more years’ complete with an image showing an elated, celebratory and probably quite relieved embrace with the first lady Michelle Obama.

The election itself may not have broken any records, but the public’s reaction has…

The tweet has so far received over half a million retweets, a new record for the social media site. Tweets relating to the election numbered an average of 327,452 a minute and the same tweeted image has become the most liked image in Facebook history, highlighting the power of social media.



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