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Office 2013 Licensing Agreement Change

Microsoft has made some drastic changes to its licensing agreements in the latest Office 2013 package released just last month.

The changes lie in the End User License Agreement, which has always allowed the user to reassign a single office license to a new computer if required. The license can only be applied to 1 machine at a time, and only once every 90 days, but the ability to reassign a license has always been there. The new licensing agreement states that once installed, a license is permanently assigned to that one original computer.

Questions have been raised to Microsoft regarding circumstances of lost, stolen or damaged devices through no fault of the user. Microsoft has thus far been reluctant to provide an answer as to whether licenses could be reapplied to replacement machines.

This change is due to the transition to cloud based services Microsoft is currently pushing. For the first time Office is being offered as a cloud based version of the classic software, in the form of Office 365, which is available on monthly and yearly subscriptions. The change in the licensing agreement make the easily accessible 365 version a lot more desirable than owning a piece of software that could be come void at any time.

Microsoft is under no obligation to inform customers of the new End User Licencing Agreement despite millions of users worldwide potentially being affected.

So be aware, Office 2013 is for life not just for this computer.


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