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Olympics Cyber Threat

Olympics opening ceremony

The UK Government have revealed for the first time that there were serious concerns about a cyber attack on last year’s London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

The Governments Communications HQ (GCHQ) had realistic concerns that a cyber threat could have attacked the multimillion pound, internationally broadcast event. The concern lay within the electricity infrastructure at the Olympic Park in east London, with a credible fear that the lights at the stadium could be tampered with and controlled by an unauthorised party.

A contingency plan was in action which meant that if the lights were taken down, they could be manually restored within 30 seconds by strategically placed onsite engineers. 30 seconds of darkness however would still have caused chaos, danger and disaster to the thousands watching the ceremony, which was also streamed live on TV across the world.

Under Attack the Threat from Cyber Space, a program surrounding the threat is being broadcast at 8pm tonight on BBC Radio 4. Listen here.


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