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Part 2: The rise of SMS malware

Yesterday we explored the rise in SMS spamming, why spammers are moving away from email and increasingly towards text.

Today we’re looking at SMS malware. Malicious coding embedded into your mobile to access and exploit your personal information.

Crimeware kits, designed to allow novice cyber thieves to send out viruses with just a few clicks have started to appear aimed at the mobile world. Websites have popped up offering two click fraud systems. The first step is to decide a target audience, once this is chosen, the hacker simply needs to select the web address where a malicious programme with lurk.

Getting users to visit these sites, like with email, can be difficult. Once visited however, a code can get to work stealing money via premium rate phone and text services. Nearly all mobile phones are linked directly to a bank account, once in, the money is in the hackers hands. Unlike with email malware, where the user would have to input their bank details in order for the hacker to gain access.

Another reason why we’re seeing more and more attacks on phones is the rocketing numbers of people using smartphones. Millions of apps are downloaded every day, this is a huge incentive for criminals to target phones instead of email.

To avoid putting your phone at risk always use official marketplaces for downloading apps and take the same precautions with suspicious texts as you would with email on your laptop or PC.


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