Acunetix is a web vulnerability scanner designed to replicate a hacker’s methodology in order to expose dangerous weaknesses on a company’s website and network. Using Acunetix WVS, a company website can be regularly checked for vulnerabilities like Cross Site Scripting and SQL Injections. Featuring both automated and manual penetration testing tools, Acunetix allows security analysts to perform vulnerability evaluations, and repair detected threats at the same time.

Signal Networks is a leading UK Partner of Acunetix products and services and have qualified Certified Ethical Hackers in house. The products can be installed as software (on premise), online (hosted) or a Signal Networks Certified Ethical Hacker can provide detailed IT Security services on your behalf.

Please select the below video for details how to quickly set up the latest’s version of Acunetix WVS V10. The video details how a user can launch a scan, analyse the scan results and create a report.


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