Aruba Networks

Aruba Networks

Aruba Networks is a manufacturer and a networking vendor selling enterprise wireless LAN and edge access networking equipment.Their products can be used by corporate users to allow freedom and flexibility to work whilst on the move without causing disruption.

Some of the products and software Aruba Networks produce include:

  • Aruba Access Points- a range of access points that can be used indoors or outdoors with Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) technolog
  • Aruba Instant Access Points- a dynamically-elected access point to distribute a network over the air
  • Aruba Mesh Routers- access points with integrated OSI layer 3 routing
  • Aruba Remote Access Points- small single-radio AP’s, wired-only devices and multi-user wired/wireless models
  • Aruba Mobility Access Switches- 24 and 48 port Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches for use within access points
  • Aruba Mobility Controllers- a central organisation-wide management of all access-points and users
  • Aruba Antennas- a wide range of indoor and outdoor antennas supporting different frequency-ranges, direction and omni-direction
  • ArubaOS- runs on the Mobility Controllers
  • Aruba Access Management-  a self-service guest-registration web portal giving a visitor credentials to connect to the network
  • Aruba AirWave-a  network management platform
  • Aruba Outdoor RF Planner- allows configuration of AP’s and mesh design


Signal Networks are a partner of Aruba Networks and can configure, install and maintain Aruba products.


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