Secunia is a manufacturer and developer of one of the worlds most recognised vulnerability scanners. Their products can be used by both home and corporate users to detect any vulnerabilities, assess how critical they are and explain how to successfully patch them. It enables the user to manage any patches from a single management console.

The Secunia products and solutions provide network security software for businesses and organisations across every sector. It allows you to choose whether you want to deploy the patches yourself or use an automated tool that patches for you. Secunia products include:

  • Vulnerability Intelligence Manager (VIM)- a complete software vulnerability management solution suitable for companies of any size. VIM sends relevant, real-time software vulnerability alerts to allocated administrators
  • Corporate Software Inspector (CSI)- a Vulnerability and Patch Management Software Solution that completes and targets the Patch Management process by using Vulnerability Intelligence, Vulnerability Scanning, and Patch Creation with Patch Deployment Tool Integration to Enable Targeted, Reliable, and Cost-efficient Patch Management
  • Personal Software Inspection (PSI)- a vulnerability management solution aimed at the home user where it will automatically install updates to keep the data on your computer safe and secure

Signal Networks has achieved Silver partner status with Secunia. This exclusive status is only available to a limited number of partners per country.


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