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Patch Tuesday is Coming

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday is here again, and a report has confirmed that the update will address 33 vulnerabilities across various platforms.

The update will be dispatched as 10 sets of fixes, 2 labelled critical and 8 important. One critical patch will address issues in Internet Explorer 6 through to 10, this vulnerability allows malicious code to enter the victims machine. The exploit is active in all versions of Windows from XP onwards. The second critical flaw addresses the recent vulnerability in Internet Explorer 8, reported Signal Networks here. Despite initial belief that Microsoft would not be able to patch the flaw so quickly, there are reports that suggest otherwise.

3 of the important fixes cover issues of remote code execution in Office and a further 5 of these important patches address denial of service attacks in windows and .NET.

The Windows update will be available on Tuesday 14th May.


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