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Pebble Watch

PebbleSmartWatchGossipers in the tech world have been discussing the possibility and arrival of the rumoured ‘iWatch’ for quite some time now. Samsung are also rumoured to be announcing a smart watch to compete with the new Apple product, however what many don’t know is that while we’re waiting there are already many great devices available now, performing tasks the iWatch and equivalent are anticipated to do (and at a fraction of the cost!).

The Pebble Watch connects to iPhone or Android via Bluetooth 2.1+EDR to display notifications on a 144×168 black and white e-paper digital watch face. A variety of apps are currently available to get the most out of the $150 wrist piece, with many more in development. The watch can connect to a smartphone to control music, answer/reject calls, read emails/texts, Facebook and Twitter notifications and weather updates. Along with the day to day features there are also apps developed specifically for certain activities, such as an app targeted at cyclists that uses GPS to record travelling speed.

68,000 people backed the project that was funded via Kickstarter, a website and service set up to promote and fund creative start-ups. The site has made thousands of successful tech and creative projects possible by allowing members of the public to pledge money towards projects in the hope that enough is pledged in order for the project to go into production.

At present the Pebble is only available on iOS and Android, however there is potential for the service to extend to Blackberry and Windows Phone. Find out more here.


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